Vessel Details

Vessel Name  *
Type  *
Light Weight (LDT) in Metric or Long ton  *
Country & Year Built  *
Length Overall x LBP x Breadth x Depth (moulded)  *
Draft of the Vessel (FWD/AFT)
Max speed at beaching
GRT/NRT (International)  *
Main Engine (Make, Model, BHP, Present working Condition)  *
Generator(s) (Number, Make, Model, Kw/KVA, Volts, HZ, AC/DC)  *
Emergency Generators  *
Bowthruster  *
All Working?
Working Propeller (Please confirm Material and weight of the same)  *
Spare Propeller (Please confirm Material and weight if present)  *
Spare Anchor
Spare Tailshaft
Location of Ballast Tanks
Ballast Tanks Coated
Permanent Ballast (Material, Weight, Location)  *
Under own power or undertow  *
Delivery dates - India/Bangladesh range
Last Port of Discharge
Last 5 cargoes carried by the Vessel  *
Any Removals
Any Exclusions
Any Conversions to the vessel ? (if yes, please answer the following)
Type of vessel prior conversion
Date converted, where?
LDT proofs of before and after conversion confirming new LDT Damages
Any Damages to the vessel (especially those affecting the ligthship)
Welded or Riveted Construction?
Vessel is Single or Double Skinned (Does vessel have any side/Wing ballast tanks)?  *
Vessel has Single or Double Bottom Tanks ?
Any Side Tanks ?
Vessel been laid up in last three (3) years? (When/Where/How Long)
Was vessel ever idle awaiting orders for any period of time?
Bunkers ROB upon delivery
Other Special Items (Aluminum / Stainless Steel onboard the vessel)
Best Beaching Draft of the vessel
Is the vessel purely a container vessel or MPP
Does vessel have any reefer spaces? Any insulation?
Does vessel have reefer holds? If yes, how many?
Does Vessel have any cement onboard?
Does vessel have any reefer plugs to refrigerate containers


Flag / Port of Registry
Holds / Hatches
Derricks / Crane
Present Class of the vessel
IMO Number
Eco speed & consumption - in ballast.
Generator consumption per day - while steaming / idle at anchor
Boiler consumption per day - at anchor
L.O. and F.W. daily consumption while steaming / idle at anchor.
Grade of fuel used on Main Engine / Generators.
Approx. quantity of Bunkers ROB on delivery - IFO / MGO / LO / FW
If F.W. generator on board - daily production.
Slops/sludge on board – quantity and location
Gas free for man entry? When cert issued and by whom?
Any machinery dismantled or opened up
Is the vessel under court? Any arrest in the previous year, up to present?

Contact Info.

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