Environment Management

Cutting on Concrete

  • First of its kind in the Ship recycling industry, the biggest impermeable concrete flooring: 10,818 sq. m. in the front yard and 27,500 sq. m. in the back yard – dedicated to undertake ship recycling with utmost care for our shoreline
  • Easy to collect and clear harmful waste
  • Clearing accidental oil spill without contaminating the soil
  • Long term conservation of soil quality

Our commitment to environment protection and conservation is unwavering

We have an uncompromising approach towards environment conservation. Our core team of professionals review and analyse every aspect of ship recycling to ensure that every precaution and measure is taken to safeguard our workers and to protect the environment.

Environment Protection Infrastructure

  • Bilge water tanks with capacity of 20000 cu3
  • Speed boat with oil spill kits
  • Oil spill control booms
  • High pressure water jets with steam pressure
  • Oil spill control mats
  • End-to-end impermeable flooring in the front yard and back yard
  • Asbestos removal in negative air pressure decontamination unit
  • Storage for hazardous material as per compliances

Oil Removal With Control

  • All vessels are cleaned from oil/oil based contaminants
  • Collecting oil and waste to send them for respective treatments
  • Containing accidental oil spill without harming the soil

Environmental checks & testing

Periodical and regular testing under the supervision of the core team to monitor and control environmental factors

  • Yard soil testing
  • Sea water testing
  • Noise testing during operations
  • Noise testing during crane and winch operations
  • Air quality monitoring at the yard and asbestos removal room