Green Recycling

Green Ship Recycling

We went green with a vision to be the largest as well as the greenest ship recycling yard of India and hence in the year 2015, we were the first ship breaker in Alang to receive the ClassNK certificate.

Our green ship recycling services are specific to the Hong Kong Convention of sustainable ship recycling which is certified by ClassNK, Japan.

We made further modifications to our facility since EU-SRR (European union of sustainable ship recycling) of EU-Commission audited our yard.

We were again the 1st yard which was audited at Alang by the EU-SRR.

With 65,000+ sq. meter of green recycling back yard or a tertiary cutting zone in Alang, our productivity increases by leaps in the ship breaking business.

One of our specialized green ship recycling practice includes a floating crane barge that can lift up to 1,100 tons of capacity in the form of blocks and machinery from any part of the ship at one go.

We use this crane barge to air-lift heavy blocks from either side of the vessel and place it safely on the impermeable flooring of the front yard.

The Front yard is spread on 10,818 sq. meter of the area that is end to end impermeable of our green recycling facility.

As a responsible ship breaker in India, it is our moral duty to ensure that all our workers wear essential PPEs while cutting large and heavy blocks to smaller size and dimension of ship plates.

At Priya Blue Industries, green ship recycling is driven by teamwork and co-ordination between Health and Safety experts, Naval Architects and general workers.

To ensure green recycling practices are continuously developed, we train our workers with new and reformed techniques.