About Us

Recycling a ship is reinventing
its existence

Priya Blue is India’s largest ClassNK certified, HKC compliant green ship recycling yard. For us, ships are a subject of passion, they are the anchor of our existence. We live this love and passion by being the best-in-class recycler with impeccable processes and uncompromising work-ethics.

We have the biggest VLCC plot measuring 10,818 sq. meters at Sosiya, an extension of Alang, in the state of Gujarat, India. At our backyard, we have 60,000 sq. m. of free hold land opposite to the main plot. The dismantling and product-wise segregation activities happen here. The yard yet offers plenty of additional space for scaling operations and to accommodate other ancillary activities.

We also adopt one of its kind industry practice, we are the only yard to have labour quarters since inception. We also control our carbon footprint by having cultivated our very own farm in our backyard.


When you are truly world-class, it shows.

certificate of guinness world records -The Largest Ship Scrapped by Priya blue
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statement of compliance-Firms Engage in Ship Recycling
certificate of quality management- priya blue industries private Ltd.
certificate of environmental management system registration - priya blue industries private Ltd
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Meet our navigators

Behind every successful organisation there’s a great team. A team that committedly drives the organisation to greater heights. At Priya Blue, we are proud to call them navigators. They ensure that the organisation is always sailing in the right direction.

Sanjay Mehta
Managing Director
Gaurav Mehta
Rakesh Gupta
Head of Sales & Operations
Satish Kumar Singh
Head of Safety & Environment
Gorakhnath Yadav
Manager (Field)
Dushyant Pandya
Sales Manager

Our Fleet of Companies

Priya Blue Industries Private Limited is operating the largest green ship recycling yard in India.

Apart from ship recycling, Priya Blue has also made its mark as a leading cash buyer of ships. Best Oasis Limited – a wholly owned subsidiary of Priya Blue Industries Private Limited is one of the top 3 cash buyers of ships in the world. It has sold over 120 ships with an aggregate tonnage of 1,500,000 LDT